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    TVT with agents from Southwest Europe participated in SICUREZZA 2019


    The biennial international security event SICUREZZA 2019 (Milan Security Exhibition) closed in Milan on November 15. The Milan Security Show is a professional security industry event in Southwest Europe, which it has gradually become a beacon for the development of the industry in recent years. Specially, Integration, Digitalization and Integrated security solutions are the theme of this exhibition. TVT with agents from Southwest Europe participated in this exhibition and received unanimous affirmation from the visiting customers.


    The production of displaying in this exhibition include TVT Panoramic IPC, A3-PA , E3 AI products, 8-inch speed dome, face plate and other new products, which have attracted the attention of a large accounts of clients. Certainly, A2 Series NVR with powerful AI functions supports face detection, snapshot, face comparison, map search, human tracking, SMART IPC item caring, area intrusion, cross-border detection, video anomaly detection, crowd density, population statistics, personnel intrusion and other intelligent detection access and linkage functions. It can be widely used in various monitoring places such as banks, schools, smart buildings, transportation, environmental protection, supermarkets, gas stations, communities and factories. Furthermore, the face plate adopt our own self-developed AI algorithm, which can be applied to various accessing control applications. Fortunately, its stylish/simple appearance and powerful functions have been praised by plenty of manufacturers from accessing control industry. In addition, the LPR cameras has a quite high voice and attracted a lot of attention from participating customers.


    TVT’s Southwestern Europe sales manager-Jeffery said the currently Southwestern European market is complex and the security technology is changing with each passing day. It is full of challenges and also contains unlimited opportunities. He believed that the Italian team can take this exhibition as an opportunity achieving target performance, focusing on clients, setting the market demand as the starting point and using products and services as tools to consolidate the foundation and enhance the development.


    In the future, TVT will continue to adhere to the concept of "Achievement of the best quality-orientation" and provide the advanced technology and quality products and services to global clients.







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