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    TVT’s 15th Year Anniversary Starts a New Journey ahead


    On January 11~12, 2020, TVT celebrates its 15th year anniversary, with about 500 employees attending this mass event for annual review and birthday celebration.



    2019 is not an easy year. Influenced by domestic economic deleveraging and overseas trade conflict, the industry has faced a slower growth in the short term and a severe international situation, but TVT has successfully made breakthroughs under the oppression of these obstacles and achieved profitability. To sum up with what our honorable Chairman Mr. Guo Lizhi said: 2019 is a year of Small triumph for TVT.

    2019 - A Year of Small Triumph



    In 2019, TVT’s operating quality has been greatly improved and profitability achieved.

    In 2019, TVT’s AI smart cameras with self-developed AI algorithm have been tested by the market and put into mass batch production. 

    In 2019, major breakthroughs were also made in projects for domestic market, and the target path for domestic market becomes more and more determined.

    In 2019 the margin of safety of TVR has also been significantly enhanced, taking uncertainty in stride.





    2020 – To Hold the String of AI and Embrace SIoT


    At the 2019 TVT Annual Review Conference, Mr. Guo Lizhi, the Chairman of TVT, said that with the pulling force of AI, he aims at realizing the transition of the company, from surveillance product manufacturer to video-centric solution provider and operating service provider to further improve the integration and intelligence of products and services, by actively promoting the company's strategic transformation and increasing investment on research and development .




    Fifteen years of challenges and difficulties have never impaired our enthusiasm. As AI technology deeply penetrates into video application field, AI has had a huge impact on the entire industry ecology from video capture, production, playback to viewing interaction, and so on. 2020 will still be a year combining opportunities and challenges for security industry.



    Ten Kilometer Hiking – Passionate Youth and Fighting Will


    This time, we organized outdoor group activities to better enhance team cohesion around the company. A ten-kilometer hiking started, interspersed with a few fun interactive games,  accompanied by the lakes and mountains in Tongsha Ecological Park, the splendid sunlight in the daytime, the flourishing bauhinia flowers everywhere, and the clear blue and starry sky at night in the resort. We deepened tacit understanding through interaction and cooperation, and relaxed our bodies and minds.








    Annual Commendation Rally – Highlights of the Strivers

    On 11th Jan., TVT held its 2019 Annual Review Presentation and Commendation Rally as well as 2020 Orientation Conference in the assembly hall. The Annual Commendation is the highest honor for TVT staff and the shining moment for those who make great efforts in 2019. Right now the stage belongs to strivers!









    On 12th Jan., a gala show with feast was held to ring out the old year and ring in the new one. Wonderful shows were presented, with talk show and hot dance warming up the stage, hilarious sketch comedies bringing out laughters and cheers, and creative fashion walk show lighting our eyes…And finally, a grand chorus by all the staff has sung out our love and dream and peaked the entire gala show!











    Warm Hint:

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    Warm Hint:

    The project is under construction...